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ISO 14001:2015 EMS – Environmental Management

Utilized by organizations to enhance environmental performance through managing environmental responsibilities and contributing to sustainability initiatives.


  • What is Environmental Management System?

Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14001 provides a systematic way of reviewing and improving operations for better environmental performance. An EMS can help an operation better meet or exceed its compliance requirements. It also helps streamline operations and use resources more effectively, thereby, reducing costs and impact on the environment to become more competitive.

  • Why do organizations need Environmental Management System?

Organizations have started recognising the need for taking care of our environment by identifying its environmental aspects, determine its potential environmental impacts, and setting up a system to manage these impacts to improve the organization’s overall environmental performance.


Who is this for?

Applying ISO 14001 helps an organization become more environment-friendly by identifying its environmental impacts and implementing measures to minimize them. ISO 14001 is a generally accepted standard across all industries as it does not specifically prescribes environmental performance targets or requires the use of any particular technology. ISO 14001 is implemented by over 300,000 companies and organizations across over 171 countries.


  • Lowers business costs by reducing resource consumption and waste production
  • Quantifies, monitors and controls the impact of operations on the environment
  • Reduces the environmental impact of an organization’s operations
  • Complies with local environmental legal requirements
  • Promotes positive image among the stakeholders

How can we help?

Consulting: Using the guidance provided in the International standards, ECCI helps organizations apply ISO 14001 to ensure organizations reduce their environmental footprint.

Training: ECCI prepares practitioners and auditors to understand all the aspects of ISO 14001