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This Business Process is aimed at reducing waste by breaking down processes throughout the organization to increase productivity, error reduction, and improve financial performance and customer satisfaction


  • What is Lean Management?

Lean management is a long-term systematic approach that facilitates small, continuous incremental achievement, in order to improve efficiency and quality of work and processes

  • Why do organizations need Lean Management?

Organizations are constantly trying to eliminate factors that waste time, effort or money. In a global market, these differentiators can give the organization an edge over their competitors. This can be achieved by analyzing different business processes and then reviewing it or eliminating out any steps that do not create value for customers.


There are 5 key principles to Lean methodology that have guided a large number of organizations to success. These 5 key principles are as follows:

  • Identify value
  • Map the value stream
  • Create flow
  • Establish pull
  • Seek perfection

Who is this for?

Lean Management can be applied to any industry ranging from service industries, construction, financial institutions, manufacturing, etc.


  • Reduced waste
  • Increases team productivity
  • Significant financial gains
  • Provides seamless value to customers
  • Continuously improves workflow operations

How can we help?

Consulting: ECCI helps organizations apply Lean Management to their processes to create more value with fewer resources, reducing unwanted activities or process that do not add value to the product or service.

Training: ECCI prepares practitioners and auditors to understand all the aspects of Lean Management