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Lean Six Sigma


  • What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a blend of two concepts: Lean, which is aimed at reducing waste by breaking down processes and separating waste from value, and Six Sigma, which reduces process variation and errors by applying quality and statistical tools. Together they help companies reap the benefits of faster processes with lower cost and higher quality.

  • Why do organizations need Lean Six Sigma?

Organizations have started adopting continuous improvement as a part of their business strategy. There is a huge need for organizations to enhance capability of process steps that add value to increase the overall quality and efficiency.


Who is this for?

Lean Six Sigma was originally developed to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality. Now all types of organizations – from financial institutions to retailers and hospitals – have embraced Lean Six Sigma.


  • Decide which deployment model best suits your environment.
  • Establish an effective governance structure.
  • Identify opportunities (areas of focus) for applying the methodologies to enhance business performance.
  • Select projects within the areas of focus.
  • Train and coach your staff to correctly apply the tools.
  • Monitor the overall performance of your Lean Six Sigma initiative, and identify opportunities for improvement

How can we help?

Consulting:  Our approach does more than add a limited set of Lean tools to the Six Sigma DMAIC (DEFINE, MEASURE, ANALYZE, IMPROVE, CONTROL) improvement methodology. It goes broad and deep, providing your organization with the full set of Lean tools. We will empower your organization to identify and apply the tools that make the most sense for each situation.

Training: We have a comprehensive suite of Lean Six Sigma training programmes to meet the needs of various audiences throughout an organization. We regularly hold public classes on Lean Six Sigma topics. In addition, we customize and present any course for on-site classes as a cost-effective and flexible way to build capacity.

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