• What is Total Quality Management?

Total Quality Management (TQM) is a structured approach to overall organizational management. The focus of the process is to improve the quality of an organization’s outputs through continual improvement of internal practices.

  • Why do organizations need Total Quality Management?

Organizations strive to ensure all employees work toward the common goals of improving product or service quality, as well as improving the procedures that are in place for production.  Organizations can finally achieve that goal by implementing Total Quality Management approach throughout every department of the company and at every level of management.

Who is this for?

Total Quality Management can be implemented across a variety of industries and in any part of a business like finance and accounting, sales and marketing, legal, research and development, maintenance, etc.


  • Cost reduction
  • Defect reduction
  • Reduce variability, reduced warranty and customer support costs
  • Helps maintain the consistency of output
  • Customer satisfaction

How can we help?

Consulting: ECCI helps organizations implement Total Quality Management methodology to improve an organization’s internal processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Training: ECCI prepares the organizations to gain comprehensive knowledge and insights through a practical results-oriented approach with projects addressing specific problem areas