• What is Project Management & Business Analysis?

Project Management & Business Analysis is a practice that helps organizations manage their resources such as budget, people and deadlines in order to achieve a specific goal. The application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience is used to achieve the project objectives

  • Why do organizations need Project Management & Business Analysis?

Project Management and Business Analysis allows organizations to identify, reduce and mitigate the various risks that may arise from the life cycle of the project, while ensuring the successful delivery within the constraints of the project, such as the scope, time, quality level and resources.

Since projects are separate to business-as-usual activities, requiring people to come together temporarily to focus on specific project objectives. As a result, effective teamwork is central to successful projects.


The framework for any product management usually revolves around resources, time and cost, all of which are interconnected. If you cut down any one of these things project’s quality will be impacted. If you cut down on one thing lets say resources, it will impact time and cost too. Widely used Project Management methodologies include the Agile model, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Six Sigma and Waterfall development.

Who is this for?

Project Management is used in all organizations irrespective of the industry since project management umbrellas any type of project within an organization.


  • Effective utilization of resources
  • Time-bound completions while maximizing productivity
  • Become aware of the future risks and resolve them
  • Improve client collaboration

How can we help?

Consulting: ECCI provides guidance and assistance for organization-wide process improvement, a proven methodology to achieve breakthrough organizational process improvement and re-engineering through an established step-by-step process through project management tools and other best practices in the market

Training: ECCI prepares the organizations to gain comprehensive knowledge and insights through a practical results-oriented approach addressing problem areas specific to your organization.


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