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TIM Partners with ECCI for Robust Business Continuity Plans

Strengthening Operations: TIM’s Embrace of a Robust BCMS

TIM is a Filipino-owned technology solutions company that has been setting the standards for highly reliable and intelligent IT business solutions since 1985. Known for its expertise in Remote Data Center and Network Management, TIM serves a wide range of customers, from the largest conglomerates and multinational companies to small but forward-thinking businesses. Its areas of operation include banking and finance management (fraud prevention, streamlined payment process, etc.), as well as other sectors that require reliable and secure IT solutions.

TIM maintains deep levels of expertise and is committed to delivering on expected service levels. The company has attained relevant certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013, PCI-DSS, and TIA942 Rating 3 for data center operations.

Managing a Complex Ecosystem: The Problem of Many!

TIM was faced with the challenge of effectively managing contributions from and engagements with over 25 departments. Coordinating workshops and activities with multiple stakeholders proved intricate and time-consuming, risking delays and the potential for not setting up a strong management system.

To address this, TIM partnered with ECCI, given its track record in implementing BCMS, guiding companies through treacherous integration of management systems and achieving global standards.

ECCI’s trademark 5D approach was seen as a welcome approach to promote inclusivity, active participation and converging the requirements of each department seamlessly.

Implementation: Creating Key Documents and Deliverables

Spanning 15 months and covering the Philippine operations of TIM, the engagement was established with a few key objectives – building organizational capability in the area of BCMS aligned with ISO 22301:2019, establishing the right foundation to scale a strong BCMS with fit-for-purpose business continuity plans (BCPs) and comprehensive crisis management strategies.

The project was delivered around the 5D methodology of ECCI, starting with an extensive gap analysis. Based on the full gap report presented and aligned with TIM, the team set out to perform BIA (Business Impact Analysis) and RA (Risk Assessment) workshops to produce a package of 25 BIAs.

Project Approach and Methodology: Discover, Define, Document, Deploy, Determine

Based on its rich domain expertise and past experience, the team established 33 manuals, including 25 BCPs and 25 strategies and solutions to manage identified risks.

It was a cohesive process with strong involvement and inputs from the TIM core team, who were capacitated on various aspects of BCMS, such as interpretation of ISO 22301 for implementation and auditing.

After the rollout of the established policies and strategies, a test exercise was conducted by the ECCI team to review the established systems.

Embracing a Continuous Improvement Journey

While reflecting on the partnership, TIM acknowledged the benefit of having a partner –  “It’s indeed a journey, and we needed proper engagement with a dependable partner like ECCI.” The peace of mind that comes with knowing one is in good hands emphasizes the beginning of a robust alliance and an enduring partnership.

Furthermore, TIM emphasized the significance of extending the engagement and their commitment beyond the current BCMS scope, calling for “some level-setting changes and mindsets” in partnership with ECCI.

The TIM team underscored “the necessity of continuously advancing towards maturity“, emphasizing the shared responsibility in this transformative journey towards excellence.

Benefits and Impact

Reflecting on the results, TIM acknowledged that “the impact is truly significant”. While TIM has internal capabilities, the day-to-day challenges of running a business can be overwhelming. ECCI’s expertise in identifying gaps and implementing effective processes, approaches, and strategies was invaluable in helping TIM develop a robust business continuity management system. ECCI’s expertise and support have been essential throughout the process, helping TIM navigate the complexities of its operations.

As TIM aptly put it, “More than the patience and experience, it’s where both parties drop seeds and cultivate the soil together, mutually looking to each other’s back and making sure that no stone is left unturned”.  

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To start your journey, simply contact us and book your free advisory session. Want to know more about how we can help? Check out our website for all the info!


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