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IT Shared Services Excellence

About the Customer

ECCI helped the client to establish strong internal processes and systems through CMMI DEV v1.2 model implementation and to demonstrate a strong service management framework inspired by best practices from CMMI SVC and ITIL v3.

About the Business

The Client is one of the world’s leading lens manufacturers with production facilities and sales offices in multiple locations across the world. With functions spanning research, development, production and various other activities, the Client has established offshore centres in different locations, offering shared services to the entire group, addressing various functions.

IT Services is one major function that is shared across the group by Shared Services groups in offshore centres. The Global IT Shared Services Center in the Philippines is the largest group servicing operations across the Americas, EMEA and Europe covering different functions including systems development, data management and global helpdesk.


The group has grown ever since its establishment and is touted to increase in size and handling capacity in the near future. With this expectation, the onus is on the group to improve, streamline and build sustainable systems. Based on the discussions and in line with the Client’s vision, the primary objectives were:

  • To streamline the current set of processes and systems and align them to international best practices based on the type of functions being carried out as well as envisioned for the future
  • Create a strong value proposition by gaining international recognition and marketability through certification
  • Develop the competencies of the current set of people to ensure capability in handling the various functions


  • Consistency of Delivered Service:
    One process framework was established and deployed, ensuring consistency in the manner in which service is provided to the operations across the Americas, EMEA and Europe
  • Streamlined Processes and Systems:
    Processes and systems are now aligned with the international best practices of CMMI DEV v1.2, CMMI SVC and ITIL v3 leading to reduced effort and reduced waste
  • Effective Personnel Training:
    The personnel were trained by our experienced trainers, ensuring that they were equipped to handle their functions under the new processes and systems
  • Feedback Framework Established:
    Well-segregated responsibilities between the process groups and the implementation groups were established to ensure a systematic approach in reporting the experiences of practitioners and translating the experiences into the delivery excellence model

Our Approach

We ensured the seamless implementation of aligning existing processes and practices to the desired best industry practices through the following implementation steps:

  • Assessed their existing processes and gathered feedback from key individuals
  • Focus group discussions were conducted to redefine the framework
  • Set up internal capabilities to integrate CMMI model requirements into the company’s own model.
  • Set up service clusters based on inputs of contracts/CIPs, on delivery strategy and on the scope of services, ensuring the integration and roll out of the framework into operations
  • Established a Process Compliance and Effectiveness Tracking Mechanism
  • Trained monitoring teams and implementation teams on how to handle the new model

How We Helped

IT infrastructure Library Implementation , IT excellence


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