ECCI successfully completes 2nd year as AA accredited Sustainability Reporting Assurance provider

With the growing number of Sustainability reports produced every year in the Philippines, and the traction towards external assurance is quite visible from the number of sustainability reports getting externally assured every year. Considering this, ECCI became the licensed service provider of AccountAbility, UK in 2013 conducting external assurance for the sustainability reports in the region and has successfully complete 2 years of maintaining the license.

ECCI was able to provide external assurance service to three companies’ continuously for 2 years assuring 6 Sustainability Reports in total. The Assurance team of ECCI includes: Mr. Kamesh Ganeson, Mr. Karthik Subburaman and Mr. Sathappan. The assurers are based in Philippines making ECCI the only AccountAbility License holder based in Philippines.


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