ECCI joins hands with TeamChat, the cutting edge mobile enterprise messaging application provider

ECCI has partnered with TeamChat to be their technology solution provider in the Philippines. The partnership agreement was signed in May 2015 represented by Karthik Subburaman, Regional Director, ECCI and <____ from Teamchat>.

Teamchat has smart-messages called ‘Chatlets’ that summarize responses, enabling important message content to stand out. It adapts to any business workflow quickly and easily using Teamchat APIs. Organizations can make use of the ready set of integrations available on Teamchat or plug in their own custom integrations and get started. The messaging app designed to make business teams more efficient and productive with its innovative chatlets technology and is available on all leading platforms, web or mobile. Access from anywhere, anytime, all you need is a net connection.

For more details, contact ECCI about this application.


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