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ECCI conducts first-quarter General Assembly

ECCI alongside APEXGlobal, ASSIST and ASIANNGO conducted their first general assembly last Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

The GA focused on mapping out the plans of each business unit and initiating an activity to identify the organization’s core values.


Identifying our core values

Group Managing Director Sreenivas Narayanan started the assembly by recapping what happened in 2016. He notes that the ECCI group has continued to aggressively expand and grow across all business units. Mr. Narayanan cited the  possible expansion of ASSIST in Davao and the hiring of several new colleagues to help sustain ECCI’s continued growth. However, he states that there is always a need for an organization to take a step back amidst the company’s expansion to reevaluate where they are now and where they plan to go.

As part of this, the organization needs to identify its core values moving forward from 2016. Country Director Kama Neson Ganeson shared the importance of core values as the ECCI group is a diversified organization with stakes in several industries. He further states that core values unites an organization towards a single purpose and mission. Mr. Ganeson showed the initiative of the management committee to solicit inputs from all the employees of the organization.

After introducing the core values identification initiative, each business unit head discussed their own plans for the coming year. ECCI aims to have a sales target of Php 63 million with particular focus on 2nd party audits, managed services and technology solutions. To do this the company is undergoing major changes in its organizational structure with the addition of several new team members. APEXGlobal had a great year reporting 20% increased revenue. Regional Director Karthik Subbaraman also shared that there will be a new APEXGlobal Manager to further increase the unit’s sales.

ASSIST is also seeing major changes by setting new targets for revenue, partnerships, project types and clients. They are also leveraging on trainings to capacitate their staff in using tools and improved workflows, according to Associate Director Norman Tilos and Acquisitions Manager Chris Sanchez.

ASSIST Fundraising Services led by Associate Director Vip Atienza is looking forward to acquiring another client this 1st quarter with more presence in the Davao region. At the end of the year, AFS is planning to cut down on costs by solely handling the backend data processing.

LCDS Creative Director Kelvin Tee shares that project accomplishments in 2016 has led to new opportunities this year. They aim to be at part with other design agencies to deliver quality products and services. It was also noted that all business units should emulate LCDS’ collaborative atmosphere as they are the only unit to consistently and continuously work with other business units.

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