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ECCI and APEX Global Partner with Disprz in Bringing Best-in-class Skill Based Learning Platform to the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – 2022 – The way organizational learning has transformed in the last two years is more significant than its evolution over the previous decade. Companies big and small, have the imperative to (a) ensure learners are empowered with content on-demand which has direct impact on their role-based performance; (b) L&D team has the ability to drive adoption and engagement among learners; and (c) management has visibility on benefits and returns.

To make this a reality for Philippine-based companies within the universal constraint of shrinking HR budgets, APEX Global has partnered with Disprz, a best-in-class learning platform trusted by 1.5M+ learners from 150+ companies across the world.

Boasting the best of what LMS (Learning Management System) and LXP (Learning Experience Platforms) solutions offer, Disprz empowers companies with a hybrid platform which is the perfect blend of an LMS and LXP. It helps in cutting down on-boarding time by half, doubling front liners productivity and driving impactful skill-based development for knowledge workers.

Companies in the Philippines need a fit-for-purpose enterprise solution that can showcase a direct link between dollars spent on learning and the business impact. “Having experienced different learning platforms over the last 15 years, I believe we have spotted the right match in Disprz for the Philippine market in terms of features, accessibility, team culture and price” says Karthik Subburaman, Regional Director of ECCI.

Disprz has factored several aspects in building a great learning platform, including appropriate technology usage, the type of workforce and a company’s digital (learning) maturity. According to Vineet Koka, Disprz’ Head of Sales and Marketing in SE Asia, “[At Disprz] We take a very practical approach towards learning – one that combines role and skill-based approach with delivery (a mix of self-paced learning, webinars and classroom training) leading to high adoption and direct business impact for our clients.”

With Disprz, companies can leverage a low touch, high impact learning platform that is uniquely suited to companies in the Philippines. With 135+ countries served and 200+ enterprise supported, Disprz’ learning platform has proven to be very well adopted by other countries in SE Asia as well.


Over the past five years, we have helped 200+ global organizations redefine their digital skilling and learning experiences by combining the art of learning with technology, AI and data sciences. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, cloud, and mobile, we help organizations identify and benchmark themselves against trending skills required in their industry, create impactful skilling pathways for bridging skill gaps, and drive digital skilling adoption to facilitate capability building. For more information please visit:


Organizational performance is a function of its people and processes. ECCI helps drive performance excellence in companies through process improvement interventions in the form of consulting, assessment and technology solutions implementation. APEX Global is the learning
solutions arm of ECCI that drives people improvement through a mix of upskilling interventions including training, custom content design, rollout of learning platforms and learning on demand solutions and learning managed services.

Over the last 20 years the group has served 1000+ companies and upskilled 1M+ professionals across 15 countries. Built on the principle of ‘Partner to Prosper’ there are 30+ established global partnerships for accreditation, professional certification, knowledge and technology

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