• What is Sustainability Reporting?

Sustainability Reporting is the practice of disclosing the overall performance of an organization to its stakeholders. The report is based on the triple-bottom-line concept covering economic, environmental and social performance. The practice of sustainability reporting is becoming highly recognized and accepted around the world as it shows an organization’s accountability and transparency towards their stakeholders.

The sustainability reporting process is expected to improve organizational credibility and reputation with investors, customers and community members. It also enables organizations to measure and monitor their contributions towards achieving national (INDC) and international targets (UN SDGs) of sustainability.

  • Why do organizations need Sustainability Reporting?

In the business and investment community, commitment to sustainability is not just a tagline anymore. An organization’s footprint and its associated risks and/or consequences are better understood and more widely broadcasted to the world. With regulators and policies catching up, reporting to manifest sustainability commitment has become an imperative. The direction of SEC Philippines to mandate ESG reporting among PLCs is the most recent development.


GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines serve as a platform and benchmark for developing sustainability reports.

Who is this for?

Any organization committed to quantifying and disclosing their non-financial performance with their stakeholders.


Sustainability Reporting is a powerful communication tool that helps to:

  • Improve reputation and showcase commitment
  • Ensure compliance and beyond
  • Build & promote investor confidence
  • Manage long-term risk effectively



How can we help?

We have been working with companies in their sustainability reporting journey since 2012 and helped them at various stages ranging from inception to improvement and innovation.  We provide end to end support for developing sustainability report of an organization based on the latest GRI guidelines – GRI Standards.

Key services:

  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Materiality Assessment
  • Core Team Enablement
  • Automation of Data Collection and Analysis
  • Report Design, Writing and Editorial
  • Organization-wide Awareness and eLearning
  • External Assurance Readiness

We also conduct training sessions on topics such as:

  • Sustainability Reporting Practitioner
  • Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner (CSAP)
  • Reaping Returns – Sustainability Return on Investment
  • Sustainability Events Management