• What is Sustainability Assurance?

External Assurance is the practice of verifying and validating an organization’s performance disclosed in its sustainability reports. This helps protect the interests of stakeholders and provides a level of comfort to key decision makers, knowing that the information they use for business decisions is reliable and in full compliance with relevant reporting frameworks.

External assurance or verification can provide both report readers and internal managers with increased confidence in the quality of the company’s sustainability performance data.

  • Why do organizations need Sustainability Assurance?

Sustainable Development & Reporting has become the forefront for most organizations. With the growing number of sustainability reports being developed by companies, it becomes essential that the disclosures made in the reports are accurate and reliable for stakeholders to make informed decisions. This entails the credibility of the report and transparency of the organization towards their stakeholders.


AccountAbility is a leading international organization that has developed a global standard focusing on auditing/assuring sustainability reports. AccountAbility 1000 (AA1000) is a global accountability standard, focused on securing the quality of social and ethical accounting, auditing and reporting.

The assurance principles are based on three pillars:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Materiality
  • Responsiveness

Who is this for?

Any organization committed to accountability and transparency when it comes to quantifying and disclosing their non-financial performance with their stakeholders through their sustainability reports.


  • Ensures credibility in performance among the stakeholders globally
  • Assures the authenticity, accuracy & reliability of the organization’s data and processes
  • Improves communication, trust and reputation among all stakeholders
  • Addresses the balance structure of reporting and calls attention to areas for improvement
  • Reporters can stand out confident among the sustainability reports published globally

How can we help?

We have a team of expert assurance practitioners, with the knowledge and long-term experience, who are licensed by the world’s only Assurance Providers for Sustainability Reports enabling us to provide global expertise with a local presence in Asia.

To ensure a transparent assurance process, we deploy the ACD methodology to:

  • ANALYZE for data integrity and validity disclosed in the Sustainability Report aligned to the GRI Guidelines
  • CONDUCT High/Moderate Level of Assurance through interviews for data verification
  • DELIVER the External Assurance Certificate along-with potential areas of improvements


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