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About the Customer

ECCI helped the Client by appraising and benchmarking the management system’s effectiveness, ade¢uacy and compliance against industry requirements – IS0 27001:2005 third-party certification audits, internal testing and validation of BCM frameworks and integrating ISMS.

About the Business

The Client manufactures hard disk drives, optical disk drives, printed circuit boards and also expanded its operation to full assembly of notebook PCs. Thanks to its young and dedicated workforce, they have been growing tremendously.

The well-trained employees make technology transfer easier; as a result, the factory has the capability to produce 20-gigabyte hard disks. This is the outcome of a management concept of keeping work procedures simple, promising speed in delivery and maintaining flexibility in unison with market forces.


The Client was selected to be a part of the RobustPhil project, a project that aimed to prepare organizations to deal with the risks of operating in a very disaster-prone Philippines. ECCI provided them with technical assistance in aligning their processes with BCM re¢uirements.

The Client, later on, approached ECCI to assist them in getting certified to IS0 27001:2005 and to integrate their ISMS with the already existing BCM. The ISMS and BCM increase their market value by gaining public trust that they can manage critical business information and deliver continuous operations.


  • Global Recognition:
    The Client gained global recognition for their management system alignment with the standards and best practices
  • Gained Client Trust:
    They gained client trust in their ability to manage critical business information and provide continuous services
  • Reduced Losses: 
    They were able to reduce losses associated with disruptions in operations
  • Reduced Implementation Costs: 
    Integration of the ISMS with the existing BCM system led to a seamless integration that saved the Client time, effort and resources in documentation and implementation

Our Approach

ECCI, with its IT Process Excellence and Consulting expertise, understands the Clients re¢uirements in aligning its processes to BS 25999:2007 integrated with IS0 27001:2005. ECCI ensured that there was a seamless implementation of aligning existing policies, processes and practices to the desired best industry practices. The Integrated Management System was implemented, sustained and continually improved through the following implementation steps:

  • Assessed organizational practices, processes and methodologies
  • Identified gaps between business and model re¢uirements in current practices
  • Conducted awareness trainings and workshops to identify risks and establish a plan to address these risks
  • Focus group discussions were conducted to establish the framework
  • Defined strategy for rollout and implementation with core implementation team
  • Developed internal audit capability to determine the effectiveness and adherence of established systems

How We Helped

Business Continuity Management System , Information Security Mangement System


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