The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines has grown 46% annually since 2006. Starting off mostly with call centre for customer service and sales, the industry has diversified into a wide array of operations. Currently, the top two segments are BPO Voice and Non-voice. The strength of the industry owes much to three factors — talent, infrastructure and business environment- all at competitive costs.



The Client was faced with a high turnover rate of its subscribers. To primarily address this, the Client focused on enhancing the entire experience of their customers with the services they provide — from acquiring the service to accessing customer support.

To be able to achieve process improvement, the Client must first be able to identify the areas wherein improvements can be made. For this, they approached ECCI to conduct a current state assessment and a gap analysis, and to give recommendations for process improvement. The scope of this project includes front-end, back-end and support processes for the Client’s Broadband Services.


  • Identified Critical Areas for Improvement:
    The Client was able to gain a clear picture of the current state of their processes and identify critical areas where improvements were necessary
  • Optimization of Assets:
    The Client was able to identify and address assets that were either over-utilized or underutilized and the costs associated with them
  • Reduced Losses:
    Losses due to waste of resources and lost-opportunity-costs were identified and reduced
  • Improved Measurement and Monitoring Capabilities:
    Appropriate metrics were set up to be able to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes in place and the changes that they might enact


ECCI’s solution to the Client’s requirements was to improve the entire Customer Management Lifecycle. This required an approach from the customer’s point-of-view. As such, the assessment and gap analysis was adopted from the customer value chain. The team identified Touchpoints in the customer value chain, beginning from understanding the services offered up to the continuous availing of the services.

Furthermore, support was identified as an additional track in the chain to cater to the enterprise-wide process. A Track Health, which is a consolidation of process efficiency, process effectiveness and metrics effectiveness assessments, was determined. After high-level and detailed analyses of the findings were conducted, recommendations (quick wins, medium-term and long-term) were given for each of the identified tracks.

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The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P) has been instrumental in pushing for an effort to drive the industry even higher. Specifically, BPA/P conducts research, releases information and meets regularly to guide the industry.