The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines has grown 46% annually since 2006. Starting off mostly with call centres for customer service and sales, the industry has diversified into a wide array of operations. Currently, the top two segments are BPO Voice and Non-voice. The strength of the industry owes much to three factors — talent, infrastructure and business environment— all at competitive costs.

The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P) has been instrumental in pushing for an effort to drive the industry even higher. Specifically, BPA/P conducts research, releases information and meets regularly to guide the industry.


When the BPA/P launched “Roadmap 2010” in 2007, it projected that if the industry grew faster than the estimated growth of the global market, it could earn revenues of up to USD 13 billion, employing 900,000 FTEs. The industry did grow, but the figures fell short of this aggressive scenario.

Recently, in the projections mentioned in its “Roadmap 2016”, BPA/P projected that the industry can earn USD 20 billion and again employ up to 900,000 FTEs by 2016. On an aggressive growth scenario, it can earn USD 25 billion and employ up to 1.3 million FTEs. However, the highest industry targets are currently evasive.

Breakthrough growth can only be achieved through an industry-wide initiative focusing on the missing link—enhancing quality performance. Although various initiatives are underway, none seem to have a dedicated focus on improving quality in the industry.


  • Identified Obstacles to Full Growth Potential:
    Hindrances and gaps in the BPO industry’s full growth potential were identified. This gave them the clarity to be able to plan expansion activities accordingly.
  • Setup an Industry-wide Benchmarking Scorecard:
    Through the examination of international frameworks and standards, as well as the study of the BPO industries of other countries, BPA/P gained insight into what has worked for other organizations.
  • Strategic Roadmap and Operational Plan for Quality Excellence: 
    The constructed roadmap gave BPA/P the insight and strategic steps that lead towards the realization of their growth goals


BPA/P, through ECCI, created the Quality Roadmap – a comprehensive industry analysis report focused on enhancing quality at the industry level. The report will serve as the industry benchmark in terms of quality, detailing industry-wide initiatives centring on operational excellence and quality skills development among professionals. In developing this,

  • Drivers for operational excellence were identified
  • The best practices and quality benchmarking not only of BPO industries of various countries but also of other industries which are applicable were considered
  • The current state of quality management in the Philippine BPO industry was thoroughly studied
  • An analysis of the findings was conducted through international frameworks and standards, which are applicable to a variety of organizations
  • A roadmap that outlined steps towards promoting and improving quality through process management and
    talent management which can be implemented in the Philippine BPO Industry was generated

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The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPA/P) has been instrumental in pushing for an effort to drive the industry even higher. Specifically, BPA/P conducts research, releases information and meets regularly to guide the industry.