Learning at Scale: Why a Content Library Isn’t Enough for Employee Upskilling

The pandemic and the ensuing lockdown accelerated the upskilling process with a transitional digital-led strategy as remote work culture became the norm for every business in the Philippines. Organizations needed an efficient approach to training their employees to cope with the challenges.

Effective learning goes beyond just content repositories to create role-specific learning journeys across the organization and play a vital role in employee growth. This was where learning management systems (LMS) came to rescue the situation by offering seamless online training and skilling.

In the Philippines, employee development became an essential aspect that highly affected employee retention. Organizations can always opt for a feature-rich scalable learning platform to track learning, create multilingual content, create personalized learning modules for all colors of collars, MOOC integration, etc.

According to a post in ET HRWorld, small and medium enterprises in the Philippines benefitted from online learning platforms to build skills and keep their businesses afloat. It helps them reap higher profits by equipping the employees with the proper knowledge and making them reliable resources.

Key Takeaways:

  • Businesses can align with team goals and ensure performance breakthroughs with a feature-rich learning platform for the entire workforce within the organization.
  • Businesses can rely on it across industries that transcend geographical boundaries with multilingual capabilities.
  • Your business can scale your operation with role-specific learning journeys and track their progress with skill level assessment.
  • Organizations can overcome the skilling challenge with Disprz to offer skilling to significantly impact their overall KPIs, improve performance, and reduce their attrition rate.
  • Organizations can benefit from a faster onboarding process to make the newly hired employees job-ready and upskill them to perform better with LMS + content library.

Join us in this exclusive webinar with Disprz as we share why a conventional content library is not enough for enterprise learning and the importance of new-age Learning Management Systems like Disprz is essential for employee upskilling. A modern LMS approach helps enterprises win in the digital-first world by unlocking their teams’ potential, identify the right skills, analyze the impact, and link it to business outcomes.

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Head Sales & Marketing
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Head Of Agency Next Gen Academy
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