Organizations have become more competitive; the importance of skills has increased significantly over time and employee training and development as we know it, is going through another evolution.  Increasing adoption of digital learning, growing inclination toward Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy and enterprise mobility, growing usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in LMS is increasing the significance of eLearning in corporate and academic setups.

Companies in the Philippines are increasingly opting for LMS to gain better returns on investments made on talent development, employee learning requirements, proper employee training, and receiving quantifiable business outcomes. As many organizations have tight learning budgets, they prefer a technology-enabled cost-effective learning approach that can give them insights on learners’ needs, user performance, course performance, intuitive analytics and more.

Why LMS?

  • To deliver online courses or supplement in-class instruction as part of a hybrid or “blended learning” course
  • LMS allows you to track learners and their progress
  • Provide seamless integration with the public portal for access/visibility among users
  • Lend basis for scale covering markets, subjects, stakeholders and medium
  • Capture information and across e-Learning and ILT

Our Approach

Key Services

We offer easy-to-use SaaS based LMS ideal for small and medium companies that can be used off the shelf or white-labelled and completely customized according to the organization’s needs. Our next-gen LMS delivers personalized learning experiences allowing organizations to align corporate training with the organization’s most important goals while producing an up-skilled workforce who are more equipped to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Requirements Analysis and Documentation

LMS UI Design

Configuration and Customization

User Testing

Technical Support

Key Features

Security and Data Privacy

The application works on a PCI compliant network. Servers are located on Rackspace with 24/7/365 onsite staff for physical security apart from biometric controls and surveillance monitoring. Data communication is secure and the LMS deploys SSL type security to ensure data is encrypted during transmission and personal information of users remains inaccessible for outsiders.


Through world­-class cloud services including blazing fast servers with Amazon’s CDN for speedy delivery, the application will provide high up­time / availability and support good user experience.

Updates and Maintenance

With new updates happening every day to fix issues and address major market needs, the complete update and maintenance of the tool shall be managed at our end.


Given the cloud setup and broad infrastructure, the LMS can allow scaling up from as few as 100 users to 10,000+ users without any additional investments in infrastructure; all the same when it comes to increasing the number of courses.

Implementation Speed

The whole application can be up and running in less than a week’s time once the configuration requirements are complete.

Cost of Ownership

Cloud hosting, existing infrastructure and product focused the approach allows for best­-in-­class features at very low costs

Seamless Integrations

While the LMS is compatible with SCORM, xAPI and the latest CMI5 protocols, it can also seamlessly integrate with a number of other tools (for communication, email marketing, online payments etc.) in the market if there is a need for flexibility.

Mobile Responsive

The application and its contents including the e-learning modules are compatible and completely responsive to mobile devices.


The platform is readily available in over 20 languages other than English so all menus etc on the user interface and back­end of the application can be configured to the language of the users’ choice in no­time.