Customer experience has a direct impact on business. Businesses whose store-fronts represent a considerable fraction of their customer engagement need to up their game even in today’s digital age with increasing competition and dwindling consumer loyalty.

Knowing factors that influence customer experience and performing periodic reviews is imperative for improvement of the bottom-line. While such store audits are not new, the consistency and effectiveness of pure manual efforts are highly questionable given the limited resource availability, physical spread and quantity of stores and changing requirements.

With over 20 years of experience in performance improvement and business process audits across sectors and markets, ECCI has integrated a scalable and customizable field audit application into the solution mix to define, schedule, facilitate, record, analyze and report multiple store audits in a much shorter time.

Who will benefit?

Businesses that entertain and engage customers with storefronts gain maximum benefits.

Department Stores

Bank & Financial Services

Gas Stations


Cafes and Restaurants

Convenience Stores

Spas & Salons

Bayad Centers

What areas are best monitored?

Customer experience has a direct impact on business results. Based on the sector, areas that yield maximum returns can change. Some of the most common areas include:

Visual Merchandising

Information Security


Customer Service

Why Store Audits?

Ensure compliance among the third party

Positively impact customer experience

Contribute to bottom-line performance

Improve operations

Enhance brand reputation

Manage risks through early detection

Our Methodology

Our 5D methodology captures the essence of an audit lifecycle, allows seamless automation of audit execution and most importantly ensures cascades to the objectives of determining adequacy, compliance and effectiveness of your overall brand which is at the heart of performance improvement.


Understand business requirements and drivers


Develop a checklist and establish on STAR


Capacitate auditors and perform audits


Review and analyze data vs performance


Report results and manage trends through the cycle



Integrating Audit Tool

Tool Features

End-to-end audit process

Highly secure, reliable and scalable software to manage all your audit requirements

Issue Tracking & Escalation

Wherever there is a dependency which affects the stores non-compliance are escalated and tracked to ensure maximum compliance for the store

Automated Statistics & Reports

Drive productive discussions and data-driven strategy with real-time intelligence

Manage and Schedule Audits Effectively

Set which stores are up for an audit, and assign auditors for them

Flexible to ever-changing requirements

Supports multiple answer types, completely customizable; add pictures and free text at field/question level.

Full Offline support

Conduct and submit audits without an internet connection; Information will be uploaded to the system once connected to the internet

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